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Yakima River Rafting

Upper Yakima River Scenery near Cle Elum

Raft the Upper Yakima River - Class I-II

Cle Elum to Thorp

  • Open year round
  • Put in: Teanaway River Bridge
  • Length: 3 hours (12 miles)
  • Equipment: Rafts, kayaks and fishing equipment
  • Professionally guided or self-guided trips available

The upper section of the Yakima River flows through the foothills of the Cascade Mountains between Cle Elum and Thorp. Because of the drop in elevation, from mountains to plains this section of river is swift and somewhat choppy. Your group will need to be able to paddle together well in order to maneuver your equipment to get in and out of the river and keep your raft away from the banks. This area is manageable by novices but is not for those who want a lazy day where your paddles never have to touch the water. This section has one set of class II rapids, which is usually the highlight of your trip, but can be avoided by floating on the other side of the river.

The Upper Yakima flows through private farmland and deep canyons with basalt cliffs. The banks are forested with pine trees and brush, throughout your float you will see birds, ducks, cranes, and the occasional deer.

Click here to reserve rafts, inflatable kayaks, pontoons, and fly-fishing frames on the Upper Yakima.

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Lower Yakima River section - south of Ellensburg

Raft the Lower Yakima River - Class I

Ellensburg to Big Pines

  • Open year round
  • Put in: Bighorn Campground
  • Length: 3 hours (12 miles)
  • Equipment: Rafts, kayaks, tubes and fishing equipment
  • Professionally guided or self-guided trips available

This sleeping beauty is the most relaxing stretch of the Yakima River. Beginning at Big Horn campsite—just six miles from I-90—this section of the Yakima slows its roll due to the backwaters above Roza Dam. As is wanders through the Yakima Canyon it stays close enough to Highway 821 to float by multiple BLM and Fish and Wildlife campsites and picnic areas. Rill Adventures provides full service between the Big Horn campsite and the BLM Big Pines recreation site.

Fair warning: doní't let the calm waters fool you into thinking that you doní't have to pay attention! The banks are lined with trees and bushes that can pose serious safety hazards if youí're not careful. Just be sure to put your paddles to use whenever you start getting near the riverbanks and youíll be good to kick back, relax and enjoy a lazy summer's day float down the Lower Yakima.

Click here to reserve rafts, tubes, inflatable kayaks, and fly-fishing frames on the Lower Yakima.

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Other Rafting Adventures

Kayakers enter the middle stretch of the Yakima River

Middle Yakima River - Class II

Thorp to Ellensburg

  • April - October
  • Length: 3 hours (12 miles)
  • Equipment: Rafts and kayaks
  • Professionally guided trips ONLY

Rill Adventures is excited to be able to offer guided trips down this previously inaccessible stretch of the Yakima. The Middle Section of the Yakima River is also known as the farmland section. It snakes through quiet timothy fields and is one of the most secluded trips on the Yakima. Logs and debris make if difficult to navigate, so Rills will send you off with a guide to make sure your float goes as smoothly as possible.

Rills highly recommends that groups do not raft the Middle Yakima without guides. There are multiple islands with small channels and lots of debris on the banks and in the river.

To book your guided kayak trip on the Middle Yakima, call (509) 964-2530 today!

Ride the rapids of the Cle Elum River!

Cle Elum River - Class II

Cle Elum Lake to Yakima River

  • April - Late June
  • Must be at least 12 years old
  • Put in: Just below the Cle Elum Dam
  • Length: 2-3 hours (8 miles)
  • Equipment: Rafts and kayaks
  • Professionally guided trips ONLY

If youíre looking for continuous rapids, this is where youíll find them. Just like the Middle Yakima, this river requires inflatable kayaks and experienced guides. Participants must be strong swimmers and have some river experience. Itís quick and tricky, but if youíre up for a challenge we welcome you to have a go at it. Book a guided kayak trip on the Cle Elum River today by calling (509) 964-2530.

Raft the wild Wenatchee River

Wenatchee River - Class III

Leavenworth to Cashmere

  • April - June
  • Must be at least 8 years old
  • Put in: Leavenworth Public Boat Launch
  • Length: 2.5-3 hours (14 miles)
  • Equipment: Rafts
  • Professionally guided trips ONLY

If you don't mind the crowds, the Wenatchee is where it's at for whitewater fun in the sun. As soon as you get in you've got Boulder Bend in your face to make sure any new paddlers on board get a taste of what they've gotten themselves into.

After Boulder Bend we'll have a chance to relax, swim and waterfight to our hearts content before we portage around a small diversion dam. Safely on the other side we'll spend the rest of the day bouncing through rapid after rapid such as Rodeo Hole, Drunkard's Drop and Snowblind. Book a guided rafting or kayaking excursion on the Wenatchee River by calling (509) 964-2530.

PicnicsUpgrade Your Trip With a Picnic Lunch!

Standard Picnic Lunch $12.00 Deluxe Picnic Lunch $15.00
Your choice of Sandwich or Wrap Your choice of Sandwich or Wrap
16 oz. Water 16 oz. Water
Assorted Chips Assorted Chips
Cookies Cookies
Mini Carrots Mini Carrots
Watermelon slice
Fresh, Fruits and Vegetables

Rafting gear rental Yakima RiverStyle: Sandwich, Wrap (flour tortilla) or Lettuce Wrap
Type: Turkey, ham, roast beef, veggie, chicken, cheese or peanut butter & jelly.
Standard Toppings: lettuce, tomato, onion, mayo, and cheddar or swiss cheese.
Other Toppings: mustard, pickles

* We can make lettuce wraps for people who cannot eat gluten.

Cancellation & Refund Policies

Equipment Rentals: Cancellations made 10 days in advance will receive a 100% refund
Cancellations made 5 days in advance will receive a 50% refund.
Cancellations made within 5 days will be charged in full.

Guided Trips: Cancellations made 30 days before the trip will receive a 100% refund.
Cancellations made 10 days before the trip will receive a 50% refund.
Cancellations made within 10 days of the reservation will not receive a refund.

Credit cards are held for security deposit and cancellation fees.

Rafting will take place regardless of rainy or windy weather. Only in the instance of real weather hazards, such as lightning, severe storms or flooding, will reservations be canceled. Weather hazard determination is at Rill's discretion. In the event of a cancellation by Rill's, there will be no fees charged.

Know your River Rules:

  • BE COURTEOUS TO PROPERTY OWNERS AND OTHER RIVER USERS You and your group are not the only ones on the river. Be kind to all you encounter. Land on the upper section of the Yakima is private on both sides of the river, even many of the islands have private owners. When you stop stay near the bank and be respectful of people's privacy and their land.
  • NO GLASS OR STYROFOAM - If you are bringing your own coolers leave the glass and styrofoam at home.
  • PACK OUT YOUR TRASH - Use the leave no trace behind principal, what you pack in make sure and pack out.
  • IT IS ILLEGAL TO CONSUME ALCHOL ON THE RIVER - RCW 66.44.100 states, “Except as permitted by this title, no person shall open the package containing liquor or consume liquor in a public place. Every person who violates any provision of this section shall be guilty of a class 3 civil infraction under chapter 7.80 RCW.”
    Please be responsible, safe and considerate of the other people using the river.
  • IF A PET DAMAGES EQUIPMENT YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE for having it repaired. Dogs are allowed and we do have PFDs for your pet, however, pay attention to them at all times.