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Fishing with Rill Adventures

Rill's offers year round equipment rentals so you can enjoy fishing the Yakima River yourself. Fishing rentals come with a rowing frame (3 person capacity), an anchor mount, PFDs, and a shuttle.

The two main sections that we float are the Upper Yakima River from the Teanaway to Thorp and the Lower Yakima River from Big Horn to Big Pines. If you would like to do a longer float we are happy to accommodate your requests any day of the week except for Saturdays in July and August.

Lots of Fishermen prefer to get in at the Cle Elum Boat Launch and get out at the Green Bridge.

Shuttle Prices

We can shuttle almost every day of the week. However, shuttles on the Yakima River are not our main business so reservations must be made at least 24 hours in advance. Shuttle reservations should made via phone, 1-509-964-2530.

Lower Yakima River Canyon Shuttle Prices
On the Lower section of the Yakima River, Rill's meets drivers at their desired exit point before their float and drives them back to their entrance point.
Start End Price
Big Horn, Mile Post 20 Lmuma $35.00
Big Horn, Mile Post 20 Big Pines $35.00
Big Horn, Mile Post 20 Mahre's Fish& Wildlife, Roza $40.00
Upper Yakima River Shuttle Prices
On the Upper section of the Yakima River we meet the drivers at the put-in and drive their car to the exit point.
Start End Price
South Cle Elum Dudley Bridge, Rill's $40.00
Cle Elum Boat Launch Dudley Bridge, Rills $35.00
Teanaway River Dudley Bridge, Rills $30.00

Yakima River History

The Yakima River has been known as a Blue Ribbon fishery for years. In the early 90's catch and release regulations were implemented on the river to help strengthen the local rainbow trout population. The regulations have ensured the trout population's survival and proliferation. The Yakima is quickly becoming world-known and loved by anyone who fishes her waters.

Abundant rainbows average 12 to 14 inches and reach up to 20. Cutthroats, browns and an occasional brookie can also be caught.

Dams, reservoirs and irrigation projects ensure that there is plenty of water for year round fishing as well as almost continuous insect hatches. The abundance of water has encouraged large hatches of stoneflies, caddisflies and mayflies throughout the summer months and many other smaller insects year round.